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A Bronz Tail
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  This project involved coming into a small sized company that had been operating successfully with profit for the last 6 years. With new business opportunities, expansion and their first ever product launch I was brought into this role to rebrand A BRONZ TAIL.

This involved working with key stakeholders in the company and developing a new identity.
  A new brand identity was done with a new colour palette. Once establishing the brand, the online experience was wireframed and designed for mobile and desktop. This involved working with 3rd party applications and understanding the need for a booking process on the website. Finally the website was developed by myself.

On top of this, I continue to support A BRONZ TAIL for new product launches, social media branding and creatice concepts for new media.
  A Bronz Tail   A Bronz Tail   A Bronz Tail  
  1. The Brand
Developing variations of the logo, working closely with stakeholders to catch the direction the business wanted to go in.

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  A Bronz Tail  
2. The Online Experience
My main task was to visualize the brand onto an online experience, working directly with the CEO of the company, understanding the behaviour of their clientele and the image/first impression that needs to be felt by the user, the below designs were created which are now live on the site at
A Bronz Tail
A Bronz Tail
A Bronz Tail
Below shows initial variations of the website, after changing direction of the website to be more focused towards bridal tanning, it was adapted to suit those needs. Meaning I had to rework the initial drafts to match the business direction.
A Bronz Tail
3. Photoshoot/Branding across other media
My skillset and tasks included in this project was also doing the art direction of the photoshoot and then being able to take the material provided from the photographer, and create the marketing material to promote the service and product.
A Bronz Tail
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