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Fitness workout and personal trainer app
Interface Design
Visual Design
Experience Design
Interaction Design
Graphic Design
  With a strong interest and passion in the fitness industry and see how it is used alongside today's technology, CNQR APP from the name, to the colour palette, full branding and the actual design, functionality, UX of the app is constructed and designed by myself.   The app follows in the footsteps on other leading apps with the same idea, however with a slightly different twist to it. Below shows the app screens which were developed with a dark interface for iOS mobile devices.  
  1. The Brand
The complete branding of this app is done by myself, from initial wireframing to the concept, colors, typography and visual design. The initial setup of the app takes the user through an onboarding process. The green color is the main call to action for users.
Using inspiration from other leading fitness apps and the working method used by personal trainers on how they lay out their plans, the below screens visualize the layout and details making it as clear as possible on what the plan consists and details that a user needs to know when they select an option that fits their goal. Using tab menu options within the design to allow the user to scroll seamlessy from screen to screen which belong to the same plan.
Users are encouraged to sign up to services provided by personalities that they feel fits their interest. Each “Trainer” has their own profile as shown below, outlining their capabilities and with the aim to push through their personality with elements like quotes and training plans that fit their own interests and method of training.
2. Website
The live website is aimed towards the trainers on the platform rather then the user’s. This is seen as a sales and education tool, acting as a teaser to show specific personality’s why they need to be on the platform. This was the approach taken and as always, keeping everything consistent with the brand created.
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