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A quick glimpse into a variety of work. Please view my Dribbble account for further ideas into my visual style.
Interface Design
Visual Design
Experience Design
Interaction Design
Graphic Design
  1. Bodysculptor
Branding - website for leading gym chain in Dubai and Mumbai. This included creating a new logo for the gym locations as well as creating the full design of the website and how the branding is communicated online. Branding means also creating marketing deliverables like billboards and advertising across different channels. Coming up with the slogans and visuals.

2. Omega Watches/Swatch Group
I worked in a full time role for 3 years in the Swatch Group HQ as Interactive Art Director. I worked for the brands Omega Watches and Hamilton Watches as well as the Swatch Group. This involved creating a new design team in-house, working with other teams and watch brands. Day to day tasks like working with global markets on their marketing activities as well as specific landing pages like below. A very diverse role leading the brand and being the brand guardian.
Omega Watches/Swatch Group
Omega Watches/Swatch Group
3. Graphs & Data
A project done for a client during a contract role, in other ways and variations to show data. Aimed specifically for an online social media influencer platform, the goal was to come up with new models and display options on the online platform to showcase analytics based on social media platforms - the main aim was to be fun and easy to see th emessage being delivered.
Graphs & Data
4. Zine/Social Media Influencer Platform
A start up social media influencer agency, I was the only designer brought in to completely revamp the website, the message and other marketing material to help push this online app platform to become one of the leaders in their industry. I set the new approach to the colour, the complete UI/UX of the website, working on statistical data and how to display it on their online app. I also created their sales deck in Powerpoint and creating their complete email kit.
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